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The One & Only Countdown

Hosted by The Milkman, John Mielke, this unique, weekly show is already gaining a huge following with listeners falling in love with it more and more each week!

Dripping with nostalgia, and delivered to you every week, Mielke counts down nothing but number one hits from this weekend in history!

We reference dozens of charts (Billboard, RPM, MuchMusic, VH1 and more) from pop to rock to country! 
Each week starts in 1980 and continue to the number one song for THIS VERY WEEKEND, 2020!

Along the way, we feature clips from the top movies of the day, the biggest TV shows, top toys and other factoids that bring your listeners back to a great memory from their past... Or their present!

The One & Only Countdown is roughly 3 hours and 15 minutes long, features 11 segments, and is delivered to Dropbox each week at 192kps.

Market Exclusive


Mielke is no stranger to weekend countdown shows, having made guest appearances on the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40.


He was also a Canadian Music Correspondent on the World Chart Show, and is the first person in history to host a countdown show heard exclusively on the internet (The Web 50 Countdown on 3WB in the 90's.)

He was also the researcher, writer and host of the KOOL Countdown on radio and on TV!


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