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Our podcast about what’s new at MMU... Plus interviews, tips and insight on working and advancing your career in radio!


NOTE: Due to time sensitive information (job postings) MMYou The Podcast episodes may be edited after a period of time.

“I actually received an email today from an applicant who listened and told me

what I described in my jaw with you described exactly where he’d like to work - how cool

and instant is that?!”

- Hilary Montbourquette @ Byrnes Communications

I just wanted to give you a quick shout and say how engaging and captivating your MMYou podcasts are. I love hearing from the people in power positions all over our great country, and even though I'm not actively looking for the next step in my career, it's really an interesting listen into the industry as a whole and what goes on in other markets. Just wanted to say great job and I'm a huge fan of your work, and of course the website, where I found my start here in my hometown of Medicine Hat, AB.

This week - Hear about the morning opportunity at MOOSE FM Fort St. John BC from Adam Reaburn!   And hear how he moved there for a job but ended up buying the radio station!

Plus we talk to recent WAB Award Winner Brad Karp - someone to watch, and you'll quickly realize why!

And JJ Johnston has part 3 of what we can all learn from a really bad boss!

Past Episodes

Employment opportunities referenced in past episodes have likely expired.  The content is made available as reference only.

JJ Johnston with part 2 of what you can learn from a horrible boss.
A follow up aircheck with Amy Hannah (Algonquin radio student).
High school student Colin Scully on why radio is still a career choice!

Plus... Get the inside scoop on the play by play / on air job in The Pas MB and the swing position at Q107 Toronto!
This week - Tracy Lamoureux @ Vista Radio Ontario gives you the inside scoop on their news opportunity in Bancroft!

Evan Degenhardt is a FORCE!   Find out about the exciting midday job with his team at THE GOAT in Lloydminster!

Plus JJ Johnston explains what positive things you can learn from a bad boss.
This week... Terry Shepherd at Vista Cariboo Region talks about their opening for a Swing Announcer.  JJ Johnston wraps up his series on What Makes A GREAT PD, Teena Monteleone @ Jim Pattision Group details 3 opportunities they have, plus, find out about The Milkman's Marathon For Mental Health and how YOUR STATION can help!
This week: Tributes to Bolt FM & Humboldt SK.  Neil Shewchuk at XM 105 talks about their opportunity for a PD/Morning Host AND talks about his time as play by play host in Humboldt SK.  Tony Taylor @ CHTM discusses what they're looking for in their next on air announcer and The Coach JJ Johnston continues his conversation about what makes a GREAT PD.
This week:
- John Knox @ 96.9 Rock in Fort McMurray gives you insight on what it takes to be their next morning host
- Nic Fransoo @ Jim Pattison Group North Battleford SK discusses their opportunity for an announcer for THREE stations there!
- The Coach, JJ Johnston, has part 3 of what makes a great PD - This week; recruitment and multi-tasking
- Chris “Dunner” Duncombe reveals what he has planned as the 1st ever Director For Streaming & Podcasting @ Corus
- Tim Black @ Bell Media Brandon MB offers some tips on what makes for a GREAT demo!
This week - Airchecks with 3 first year radio students at Algonquin College (Ottawa) Amy, Dave and Patrick!
Plus we speak with Dan Blakeley, News Director at ROCK 95 / KOOL FM Barrie ON about a brand new position they've created (apply now!)

And, The Coach, JJ Johnston is here with Part 2 of What Makes A GREAT PD!

Your input is ALWAYS welcome
This week - Heidi Baiden from BX 93 in London explains who they're looking for to fill their PM drive slot.  We hear from Leo Sabulsky at PEACE FM and CHET TV in Chetwynd BC about several opportunities there (PERFECT for the recent graduate), JJ Johnston (The Coach) details what makes a great PD and The Milkman offers some tips on how to better deliver your station's name / call letters.
This week:  Bruce "Barks" Barker talks about his recovery from a stroke and how he's ready for his next move!  Tracey Hemphill describes a very cool job with Canadian Traffic Network in Vancouver, Terry Callaghan @ REWIND 103.9 Sudbury invites you to apply for the swing gig there, plus JJ Johnston (The Coach) on how to find great characters for your show!  This week's featured voice talent (available for hire) is Dave Falk (
Jay Lawrence @ OZ FM on the Do's and Don'ts of applying for jobs.
Lyle West @ BIG COUNTRY Grande Prairie talks about their swing opening.
Kyle Dawson @ KiSS FM N. Ontario expalins his "local" network show!
John Rashotte @ Bayshore Broadcasting explains what he looks for in a creative writer.
The Coach, JJ Johnston speaks about casting a radio show.
Production/Voicing this week by Alec Woolston -
Episode ONE of MMYou - The Podcast from
- Imaging and voice work from Deanna Dee
- Hilary Montbourquette (Byrnes Communications Niagara Falls)
- Darren Robson (The Wolf Regina)
- Britt Jones - X FM Red Deer
- JJ Johnston (Talent Coach)
- Caitlin Harlen (Talent 4 Hire)
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