98.3 FLY FM’s ‘Reid & Ben In The Morning’ Shave Eyebrows Off After Raising $10,000 For Food Bank

98.3 FLY FM’s ‘Reid And Ben In The Morning’ Shave Their Eyebrows Off After Raising $10,000 For The Food Bank

The COVID-19 situation has brought tough times for so many here in Kingston, times that will continue for the foreseeable future. We love this city and feel fortunate to have a platform where we can offer some help, so we set ourselves a challenge.

A big one. Our goal was to help out our Partners In Mission Food Bank here in Kingston by raising $10,000 and we gave ourselves 2 weeks to do it. We always like to have stakes for whatever challenge we're taking on, but it was tough to think of what they should be when we're camped out at home. Can't get a tattoo! Can't do laps around City Hall! What we realized we COULD do if we successfully met our goal is shave our eyebrows. Both of 'em. Right off. Along the way, we gained the support of Jann Arden, who offered our GoFundMe donators the chance to win lunch with her at a later date, as well as TSN’s James Duthie, who agreed to provide commentary for our eyebrow-shaving video if we reached our goal.

Happy to say that our community’s generosity led to not only $10,000 in 2 weeks, but $11,810. It all culminated with this video right here: https://bit.ly/3bhjCZP

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