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Aiir Acquires Radio News AI

New York-based Aiir Inc, a leading provider of digital solutions for radio stations, has today announced it has acquired Radio News AI (

Radio News AI is a leading audio AI tool used by radio stations worldwide to create news, sports, weather, up-and-coming events, and traffic reports using AI and cloned voices.

Ricki Lee, Aiir CEO: "Aiir's mission is to help our customers 'Create Radio'. I believe Radio News AI perfectly fits our mission statement. This acquisition means Aiir has entered the AI space for the first time, and I cannot wait to share our growth plans for this product with you in the coming months."

Stefan de Groot, Founder, Radio News AI: "I can't imagine a better match for acquiring Radio News AI than my new friends at Aiir. Many of our users are already using their software, and I am positive they will take the platform and all its possibilities to the next level."

About Aiir

Aiir is an international software company that helps broadcasters create radio. Its products include the PlayoutONE automation system with WebVT for remote broadcasting, radio station websites and mobile apps, studio messaging dashboards and more. 

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