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Aiir Launches New Streaming Platform

New York-based Aiir Inc, a leading provider of digital solutions for radio stations, has today announced the launch of its brand new streaming platform.

Aiir's new streaming platform is based on Zeno Media's proprietary streaming technology and will offer its clients programmatic advertising as part of the service. 

Ricki Lee, Aiir CEO: "We're delighted to be partnering with Morris and the team at Zeno Media. This collaboration allows us to offer an industry-leading streaming platform, with a beautiful and simple interface. The addition of monetization via Zeno's programmatic platform offers our clients an amazing way to generate revenue from their streams"

Morris Berger, Zeno Media CEO: "Working together with a high-quality partner as Aiir is something we cannot be more thrilled with. Ricki and the Aiir team have the right attitude and have proven to be the gold standard in the radio space"

Aiir Streaming offers multi-station streaming and on-demand / listen-again recording facilities to help broadcaster share their content with listeners effortlessly. Aiir Streaming is available now at 

About Aiir

Aiir is an international software company that helps broadcasters create radio. Its products include the PlayoutONE automation system with WebVT for remote broadcasting, radio station websites and mobile apps, studio messaging dashboards and more. 

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About Zeno Media

Zeno Media is a trusted global audio partner servicing partners in 100+ countries. From O/O streaming & podcasting, with monetization and distribution, Zeno Media partners with audio companies of all sizes to provide solutions to achieve their goals.

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