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Andrew (Drew) Suriano Appointed Z1035 (CIDC-FM) APD

Evanov Communications Inc. has named Drew Suriano Assistant Program Director of its Toronto CMA flagship station Z1035 (CIDC-FM).

Drew is a veritable home-grown talent who joined the company 20 years ago as an intern. In the intervening years he has been a valuable member of the team, most recently in the role of Music and Programming Assistant.

Danny Raponi (DJ DannyD) will now assume some of these responsibilities.

Z1035 is a Top 40 Toronto CMA station that is rated #1 A35-49 with a 10.7 share. In his new role as Assistant Programming Director, Drew will work directly with PD Matt Wreggitt to keep the station a listener favourite and to expand elements and features that inspire listener loyalty.

"I am very grateful for this milestone in my career and to have this opportunity to work more

closely with PD Wreggitt. I am lucky to be able to do what I love best, programming; Z1035 and with this radio family I grew up in."

"Like me, Drew started as an intern with the company and has been with it since. His strong

work ethic, expertise in music, programming and in-depth knowledge of Z's large audience is a perfect fit for us" says Matt Wreggitt, Program Director for Z103.5. He further added:

"This is an exciting time for Z’s growth with Drew’s new role and with the integration of Jaret Sereda and Tyler Carr from PROUD-FM into its on air talent pool."

Evanov Communications is an independent Canadian broadcasting company that operates 15 stations in a variety of markets including three in Brantford. A list of stations and locations can be found at

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