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"Our company owns radio, cable, internet, tv stations, cell phone towers, and a taco truck franchise in Regina. I’ve been given the responsibility of running 102.7 FM. Frankly, it shouldn’t be too tough. I was previously in charge of cable installations for our company before taking over the radio division, so this should be a breeze. In order to make a radio station successful, we have to deliver a format that is missing from Kingston, and has a high demand. After one of the largest, most expensive music research studies in Ontario history we have the format. Thank you to the thousands of people who participated in our online studies and in person interviews. We asked you what is missing in Kingston, and you told us! We asked what songs you wanted, and you told us. We asked what artists you want to hear, and you told us. When I reviewed the data of what you had to say, I did what any radio executive at any major Canadian radio company executive in 2023 would do. I set it aside, and created something I think you will like better. 

What’s missing in Kingston? I asked myself – what music gets your blood going? Pumps you up! Literally makes you want to throw your money and make it rain? Your answers were good. Mine were better. I’m so confident that you will like my custom-made format that I’m putting my team’s job on the line. If this doesn’t work, or the city closes us down, our corporation will eliminate their jobs, and move me to another division. So, for the sake of our team, please tell your friends and listen! For the first time on the planet, I’m pleased to introduce you to a music format I have heavily researched myself. I put in the time hours and hours. Dollar after dollar. I have witnessed the joy this music brings. It’s not about rock. It’s not about rap, country or Oldies... it’s about... the performance...the stage....

Kingston, I I introduce you to music curated from the best Gentleman’s Clubs from Montreal to Toronto...This is the ALL-NEW 102.7 THE POLE – Keep your ears peeled! 

Ben Reid, 102.7 POLE-FM  

General Manager 

Listen or contact us: 

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