Canadian Broadcast Sales Launches Innovative Digital Audio Platform AudioVelocity

Canadian Broadcast Sales Launches Innovative Digital Audio Platform AudioVelocity

AudioVelocity Delivers Advertisers Real-Time Measurement and Advanced Targeting for Radio and Podcasting

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TORONTO, May 11, 2021 –Canadian Broadcast Sales(CBS) announced today the launch of AudioVelocity –a new digital audio platform delivering advanced advertising solutions and real-time measurement within a uniquely trusted audio ecosystem. Leveraging the scale of CBS’s portfolio of leading Canadian broadcasters and podcasters, AudioVelocity offers advertisers enhanced accountability, impact,and targeting capabilities.“

AudioVelocity powerfully complements the existing strengths of over-the-air radio and we are excited to bring it to market”, said Gerry MacKrell, President of Canadian Broadcast Sales. “The clear convergence of consumer migration to connected listening, advertiser need for stronger accountability and attribution, coupled with overwhelming broadcaster support suggests a terrific future for AudioVelocity and the audio environment as a whole”.

Radio already delivers massive reach, excellent cost efficiency,and demonstrated impact for advertisers. AudioVelocity additionally offers a dynamic new way to easily target the consumer on local, regional or national levels,with real-time reporting, audience segmenting abilities, scalability, and hyper-targeting based on behavioral metrics. The digital audio platform allows advertisers to deliver messages through streamed and on-demand content via connected devices across the comprehensive Canadian Broadcast Sales portfolio, which includes confirmed partners: Rogers Sports & Media, Corus Entertainment, Pattison Media, Cogeco Media, CBC, Vista Radio,Radioplayer Canada, Golden West Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio Inc, MBS Radio and more.

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About Canadian Broadcast Sales

Canadian Broadcast Sales (CBS) is Canada’s leading Audio Sales and Marketing organization. Its collective market presence reaches 80% of Canada's total population across 43 broadcasters and more than 400 radio stations in 223 Canadian markets.

CBS streamlines the radio buying process by offering advertisers a simple and efficient method of executing campaigns on radio stations across the country.

Canadian Broadcast Sales is committed to curating both proprietary as well as third party attribution data to better illustrate audio’s unique role in the larger advertising ecosystem.

And finally, CBS offers a range of integrated business solutions that leverage the power of on-air influencers, social networks, custom content,and beyond.

For media inquiries, please contact: Gerry MacKrell—President, Canadian Broadcast