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Chuck @ 92.5 Bans Airplay of Simple Minds In Support of the Edmonton Oilers

EDMONTON, May 10, 2024 – Stating today, Edmonton's popular music station, Chuck @ 92.5, has banned the airplay of the Simple Minds hit single "Don't You" (Forget About Me), as it currently holds the unfortunate role of the song played every time the Vancouver Canucks score a goal in their home arena. 

Written in 1985 for the John Hughes hit coming-of-age film, The Breakfast Club, "Don't You" (Forget About Me) has been a staple of radio airplay, including at Chuck @ 92.5 until today. While it previously featured prominently as a song on Chuck's playlist, it will be sent to the penalty box for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Semi-Final series between the Vancouver Canucks and the hometown Edmonton Oilers.  


"While The Breakfast Club may be a classic film and "Don't You" (Forget About Me) an iconic song, we cannot in good conscious continue to let it be heard on Chuck @ 92.5 while the playoff series continues," said Graham Mosimann, Assistant Program Director Chuck @ 92.5.  "As proud fans and media partners of the Edmonton Oilers, we will do anything we can to support the orange and blue on their journey through the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also, why can't Vancouver use a proper goal song? Like an early 90's Europop remix!" 

  • Scene from "The Breakfast Club" Universal Pictures  Oilers Mascot Hunter Oilers Entertainment Group Inc. 


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