CJOC Back In Lethbridge

Updated: Aug 11

The Return of 94.1 CJOC

JuiceFM just wasn’t the taste for Lethbridge listeners

July 31, 2020 – Lethbridge, AB - About one year ago in June of 2019, our city was given a chance to try a different radio station. JuiceFM launched on a familiar frequency in Lethbridge; 94.1 FM. The city sampled, swished it around in their mouths, and while some liked the flavour... the majority of listeners did not enjoy the taste of JuiceFM. It wasn’t just because of the music. It wasn’t at all because of the announcers. It was because JuiceFM could never truly replace the original CJOC, a station that was uniquely Lethbridge.

The city has spoken. The radio has listened. And now Lethbridge’s favourite station is back.

Classic Hits 94.1 CJOC is on the air.

The CJOC brand is iconic and like other rebrand attempts in history, an example of the customer always being right. JuiceFM will be remembered fondly as our city’s version of “New Coke” or Heinz’s “Green Ketchup”.

“The return of CJOC is not only a return of a Lethbridge legacy but a validation of supply and demand. Your ears demanded it... we’ll fill them back up with your favorites” said Peter Deys, General Manager of CJOC.

You’ll get more of the music you want from Fleetwood Mac to John Cougar Mellencamp... the Rolling Stones to Elton John... and more from classic artists like the Beatles, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi and on and on and on.

“If it’s in your collection then it’s in ours too. Only we probably have more of it!” said Jordan Karst, Program Director of CJOC. “Plus, there’s the best of what worked really well from before like Mornings with me and Sam, Middays with Brooksie, and Afternoons with Scott E. These kind of people and talent are just the perfect mix with the Classic Hits music playlist”.

JuiceFM had a best before date. The listeners saw it and pleaded that it be taken off the shelf before things got a little funky. The only replacement needed was the one station that could never truly be replaced in the first place. Welcome back... CJOC!

Classic Hits 94.1 CJOC is owned by Canadian broadcast company Vista Radio. Vista Radio owns over 40 radio stations and digital portals across the country proudly serving local communities.

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