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Community Station Proposed For Parry Sound

FM Community Radio for the West Parry Sound Municipalities could be just around the corner and Mayor and Council of three municipalities so far have supported the effort. Behind this endeavour is The Parry Sound Community Radio Association (PSCRA), a not-for-profit incorporation founded for the purpose of applying for and managing an FM community radio station, licenced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Community radio fosters programming based on community participation. It promotes special interests and needs of its local market, embracing the arts, history, comprehensive local news and local sports coverage, public service and the efforts of local organizations including fundraising. As a result, the community grows stronger and gains a collective voice.

The PSCRA hopes to add to the list of well over 200 community stations in Canada that continue to prove how vital and significant a role they play on their home turf. Community radio sustains itself benefiting from various revenue streams including advertising sales, fundraising, membership drives and eligible grants. It’s a model that provides extensive volunteer opportunities from students to seniors and offers professional training. In addition to offering high school co-op placements, community radio provides entry-level job training for those interested in a broadcast career.

The PSCRA is gaining ground in its application process having established a projected capital costs report and seven-year business plan. A tentative location for office and studios has been found while a transmitter site has been selected. The project is a candidate for certain grants and funding. While the timing of a decision from the CRTC is uncertain, the Association plans to submit its application as early as fall this year. Visit for more on the Association, proposed programming, benefits to the community and to learn more about community radio.

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