Cruiser Host / Events Co-Ordinator in Hamilton

92 9 The Grand and KX 94 7 have immediate openings for a Cruiser Host / Events Co-Ordinator in Hamilton.

Responsibilities include:

- co-ordinating and planning the weekly schedule of Event visits for the Events Cruiser. This includes contacting organizations requesting our attendance at their events, and confirming an according Event-visit schedule. - attending Events, and performing live or recorded cut-ins while at each event. - you are expected to spend time in advance of the weekend planning the Weekend Events schedule, then attending and reporting from such Events on weekends. - posting relevant information on Event webpages. - posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while attending Events. - voicing relevant information for the daily "What's Happening" on-air segments. - organizing and controlling the Events cruiser prize/giveaway inventory.

Send cover letter, resume and demo to