Dahlia Kurtz To Host Country's New National Morning Show On SiriusXM Canada

"Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz" is Canada's new national radio talk show - which will also air across North America.

If you want to hear basic headlines, listen to any morning show. If you want to hear stories Canada needs to know about, listen to "Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz."

She doesn't just break news, she breaks stories and turns them into news.

Dahlia also helps make good things happen.

From convincing the Army - live, on-air - to save a town from being wiped off the map, to giving out THOUSANDS of dollars - from listeners for strangers in need - throughout the pandemic, to giving people a voice ... Dahlia is an award-winning talk show host who has hosted at some of Canada's top stations. And her unique experiences as a journalist and nationally syndicated columnist have given her the opportunity to live and work around the world. Her mission: Live and HELP live.

"When restructuring hit Canada's media landscape in February, some people said I had been ejected from my show. But I felt I was being propelled. And now, I'm excited to propel forward with this mission," says Dahlia.

FUN FACT: Dahlia got her start in radio, broadcasting while submerged in 38,000-litres of water to raise money for Sick Kids. For 48 hours. Find her on land now or @DahliaKurtz.

"Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz" will air live, Mondays to Fridays, from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. Eastern, on SiriusXM Canada, Channel 167, Canada Talks. The show launches Monday, April 12, 2021. SiriusXM has 3.2 million subscribers in Canada and more than 31 million across North America.

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