DannyT in Focus - Talent for Hire

A young Broadcaster looking for that first break! The pandemic made it nearly impossible for a guy just out of college to find that first big break, but now, now is the time for Danny to come to your Market! Be it big or small, Rock, Top 40 or any other station format, You need Danny to be part of your team!

He is very Coachable and not afraid of feedback and will take that feedback and apply it directly to his show.

Right now he is a volunteer announcer on blasttheradio.com 3 nights a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4-7PM! He does this not just to improve his craft, because that’s how much he loves the industry. He just wants to keep the listeners informed on what’s going on in the community, as well as talking with them and getting to know them through social media, text and of course from behind the mic.

Take a listen to anything he has done and know that he posts new demos every week so you can hear the improvement in the delivery and the confidence to try new things!

The best part is Danny can be in your market immediately! Just visit www.dannytradio.weebly.com to learn more and to take a listen! Please leave any questions, comments, or critiques at the bottom of the website!