Updated: Aug 25

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - 08/24/2020: Energy 106 is excited to announce Dave Wheeler is joining their Morning Show. Dave will be hosting the morning show with their existing morning star Tyler Carr and new cohost Jasmin Laine.

“Dave is a huge name in local radio. He brings to Energy 106 his talent, his love for Winnipeg, and delivers a loyal audience like no one else can,” says Adam West, Energy 106’s Program Director. “Dave’s a pro. We know what he can offer to our listeners, our advertisers, and our team. We expect big things and can’t wait to disrupt the Winnipeg radio market.”.  

“As our audience grows in size and breadth, Dave is the right person to anchor our team,” says West.

West acknowledges Wheeler’s controversial past but knows Dave has worked hard to put those days behind him. “He’s a devoted fan of Winnipeg, its people, and the community. We are thrilled to have him on board.”

“I have done a lot of work on me. It’s profoundly personal when you take a deep look inside. I have put all of that in the “rear-view,” says Wheeler.  

“I’m pumped about being back on Winnipeg radio and working with the outstanding people at Energy 106,” says Wheeler. “My wife and I love this city; it's our home. Winnipeg is an incredible place to belong to and we want to raise our boys here so they can have that same experience.”

“The team at Energy 106 and the people of Winnipeg will get the best of Dave Wheeler. So, listen up as we start a new chapter,” adds West.

Dave’s voice will hit the airwaves Monday, August 31 on Energy 106’s Morning Show from 5:30 to 9 a.m.

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