Edmonton Station Rebrands In Honour of Connor

Edmonton Station Rebrands In Honour of Connor

Edmonton, Alberta, May 20, 2022 – Number 97 is worn by Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, the world’s greatest hockey player. It is also the frequency of Edmonton’s classic rock station K-97. Now that McDavid and his Oilers are playing the Calgary Flames in the legendary Battle of Alberta, K-97 has taken an extraordinary step to pay tribute to the player and team.

Effective Friday, May 20 and for as long as the Battle of Alberta lasts, the radio station is now known as Konnor 97.

“We share a love for this city and for the number 97,” says morning show co-host Terry Evans. “It only seems fitting that we go the distance and let the entire team know that we’re 100% behind them.”

“Konnor 97 also sounds way cooler than Kraisaitl,” added co-host Pete Potipcoe. “It is a blast to share the excitement of the Battle of Alberta with our listeners and the entire city of Edmonton.”

Whether the Oilers win in five games or the series goes the full seven games, Konnor 97 will be on the air for the entire run. What will happen after that? According to Konnor 97 Program Director Jeff Murray, it remains to be seen. “If the Oilers keep going deep into these playoffs, we could be Konnor 97 for a long, long time!”

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