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I'll Go ANYWHERE To Do Good, Local Radio

I love radio and will go places colder, smaller and more remote then anyone else will. Why? Because I like a unique adventure doing local radio and I have a hobby that is made exponentially awesome by being in a remote location. I can do an airshift, production, some office work and web/social media work. I do almost everything at station. I work just fine by myself or as part of a team. On air, in person and on social media I'm like the listeners best friend, forming a genuine connection with them. I am currently employed so my name/face and demos aren't posted here but if you email irguy2019@mail.com we can have a confidential chat and I'll email you my material. By the way, I am a US Citizen and I know it's unlikely I'd get hired in Canada, but it's something I've wanted to do for years and I believe in working hard to try and achieve your dreams. Ask me about unique hobby and 2 radio dreams I've achieved when you email me, irguy2019@mail.com

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