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Jeff Michaels Joins BTR / Lineup Changes

Milkman here...

BTR is no longer an Ottawa focused internet radio station. Expanding to offer top radio on air performers from across North America and around the world a place to call home and to perform some of the most creative radio anywhere! I am moving out of the morning slot on BTR and am really excited to welcome Jeff Michaels to the BTR team! Jeff is a very talented veteran radio host from out west, currently situated in Arizona! He's fun, approachable, and you'll love having him on your smart speaker as you enjoy your morning coffee and get ready to start your day! Colleen Valentine Gazdewich & Stuart L. McGowan are moving from late evenings to early evenings. 8pm-11pm Mon-Thursday with HURTIN' OR FLIRTIN' - bar none, one of the absolute best request and dedication shows I've ever heard! Based in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, it's only fair to bring them on earlier for you to enjoy! As for me... I'm moving to afternoons on BTR! I'll be joined by Zoë Thorne and others (Empowerment Coach Suzie) for an interactive and fun show that you will absolutely want to have on in the car for your ride home! We'll make you laugh, despite the jerks who cut you off on the road.

Additionally, BTR's overnights will now feature more than 50 of the top club DJ's from around the world via BEAT RADIO WORLD!

With middays and evenings still open, we look forward to making announcements regarding new shows in those time slots shortly. Updated logo, imaging and more on the way in the next few days. BTR... Wowing The World!

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