Josh Holliday - Talent For Hire


For music radio, personality is all that separates your station from the commercial free-streaming services.

And Podcasts are challenging talk radio for spoken-word ears.

Good radio personalities are no longer good enough.

You could use a Holliday.


Josh Holliday is average at a lot of things - acting, hockey, stand-up, math, improv, social life. But there’s one thing he’s better than good at - hosting radio.

Easy to say, but you want data…

Afternoon Drive Host at an Alt Rocker in Calgary (Pop. 1,200,000+)


#1 Men 18-34 (20.3 Share)

#1 Men 25-34

#2 Men 18-49

#2 Men 25-54

#2 Adults 18-34

*Starting from scratch – a new station on a previously unused frequency. Outperforming the station by 1.5-2 share points in every demo. (Competitors in the market: Active Rock, Classic Rock, Jack, Adult Alternative, Country, Sports, and Talk.) Summary of 6 previous ratings periods here.

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