Justin Beaudoin Exits CTV Barrie

On Wednesday, September 29th, Justin Beaudoin's broadcast career comes to an end.

He is leaving CTV Barrie, and leaving the industry. It's an industry he's been apart of in some way or another for the last 16 years (if he can count some of his volunteer years!) Justin recalls his start in media. "I still remember when I was 12 or maybe 13 bugging David Feeley to be a volunteer at the cable tv station in Peterborough, then called TVCogeco (now YourTV).

I annoyed the heck out of him but I’ll never forget that was the start of my broadcast career. I was lucky to work with Cogeco through a couple iterations of their community tv brand." While Justin's is saying goodbye (perhaps only for now) he wants to thank some of the people who helped him succeed.

"Thanks to Tim Caddigan, Brian Winkworth, Tony Lawrence to name a couple of people who helped me. Nancy Sperian, Shaq Alam, Sean MacKenzie, Mike Philp are a few people who were key in developing my skills and were some awesome coworkers there."

"There are so many others, Lori, Mary, Marcus, Bob, Rich, Ben, Joey, Anthony, Kathleen … I know I’m missing a bunch. "

"Thanks to the folks at Bell Media for having me as your Director for the last 18 months. Working during the pandemic was likely one of the most rewarding pieces of my career, a great capstone!"

"In radio, Charlie Toner, Joel Scott, Dave Hughes, Joe Snider, Deb Crossen, Kim Holmes thank you for letting me “play” on air and for some amazingly fun years. John Knox, you too! And of course Brad Hume in Guelph!

I loved Radio. So much so I named my dog after it!"

"Of course, Luke Chittick and Chris Kelly (now both in Toronto radio!) thanks for the memories of the HOT106 days. Our online station sure sparked our careers!"

"There’s so many stops I’ve made in between and so many people who helped make it happen. And I hope I helped a few people along the way. I’ve had more fun than I could ever reasonably have expected while being paid."

"If you were apart of my broadcast career, thank you. Honestly. I’m going to miss this. I’m going to miss connecting, telling stories and providing such a valuable service to the millions of Canadians who watch and listen to radio and tv every week."

As Ted Rogers would say “the best is yet to come”.

Justin is moving onto a public relations role with kg&a in Toronto.