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Legendary VOCM Broadcaster, Vince Gallant, Passes Away

St. John's NL from VOCM

A broadcasting legend has passed away.

Vince Gallant, an icon in the industry died suddenly yesterday.

A native of Prince Edward Island, the broadcaster with the golden voice caught on with radio in Montreal before eventually making the move to Newfoundland.

Gallant first accepted a position at NTV News in the 1970’s. He then went to CJYQ Radio as the anchor when it was located on Duckworth Street, then to VOCM where he anchored for decades before retiring in 2019.

During his interview just after he retired, Vince was asked how long he had been in the business. His reply: “About 300 years.”

He left an indelible impression on all those around him with his authoritative sound and an on-air delivery that few possessed.

As there will be no funeral service, people looking to pay tribute can do online.

Vince Gallant was 88 years old.


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