Updated: Jun 29

In (BTR) Canada’s internet radio station designed for freelance on air talent to perform shows they create and market/sell themselves is beyond thrilled to welcome legendary Canadian radio and club DJ MC Mario to air lineup.

Already heard each week on Virgin Radio Montreal, his show on BTR will be tracked specifically for our audience each week.

MC Mario will be featured on cluBTR, our weekly Friday and Saturday night dance and EDM experience which currently stars Sly Chapel (Electrode EDM Countdown), DJ Phoenix Lord (Rise Like Phoenix) and DJ Joseph Sinatra.

MC Mario debuts on BTR in 2 weeks!

Other on air performers heard on BTR include:

  • KJ & The Milkman

  • Kathy Jennings

  • Jesse & Jenna

  • Scotty Mars

  • East Of The Dial (Chris, Joey & Allie)

  • The Knight & Tosh Show

  • Questions With Deevo

  • Rusty‘s Good Time Oldies (Russ Le Blanc)

  • Bruce “Barks” Barker

  • JJ Johnston’s 70’s @ 7

  • Brian Kelly

  • The One & Only Countdown

  • Danny T

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