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Milkman Launches Mobile RV Studio For Mental Health

Listeners to my online station, helped me raise funds to acquire a very beat up used RV in order to fulfill a dream I've had; to put an RV on the road in order to travel and have conversations with people who have had to deal with mental health matters. Wherever the BTRV goes, the door is open for people to share their stories, which we record and put online as a podcast called BUMPS IN THE ROAD. Those stories will eventually become a book with proceeds going to a foundation I will be launching to help those affected by job loss who are unable to continue affording their therapy and/or their medications. This initiative is funded 100% by / and the many individuals and business' who heard about the dream and helped it come to life! The RV has been completely restored after years of neglect and vandalism. Mechanically it has been made safe to travel thanks to a great sponsor in Ottawa, McCarthy Automotive! A propane tank ($2,500) is all that is left to install, but otherwise, the BTRV FOR MENTAL HEALTH is officially on the road! It is outfitted with studio microphones, production board, audio monitors and Starlink Internet so we are connected always!

We would LOVE to have a radio parnter for this venture to help us travel across Canada! THE BTRV For Mental Health - Live On Location Pop in and share your story about mental health. BTRV FOR MENTAL HEALTH: MAY 7 (SUN) Open House @ Devotion Dance Company 1-3pm MAY 11 (Thurs) @ Spinnewyn Opticians 30th Anniversary 2515 Bank St. 10am-4pm MAY 18 (Thurs) @ Kingston Integrated Healthcare Open House 541 Palace Road 3-7pm JUNE 10 (Sat) @ Drag Bingo - Delta Bingo Peterborough ON 7-11pm JUNE 17 (Sat) @ Drag Bingo - Slack Rd. Ottawa 7pm-midnight New Brunswick & Nova Scotia July/August

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