MMU is thrilled to share the award for BEST RADIO STATION ( with so many who contribute shows to our collaborative on-line radio station!

Jesse & Jenna, Scotty Mars, The Knight & Tosh Show, The Morning Brew Haha, JJ Johnston's 70's at 7, Brian Kelly, Sly Chapel, Phoenix Lord, MC Mario, Andrea Godin, Joseph Sinatra, Bruce Barks Barker, Russ "Rusty" Le Blanc, Finn, Andre Proulx / Diversity In The Capital, Jonathan West, Kathy Jennings, Bruce "Barks" Barker, and more!

Extra special mention to Jesse & Jenna whose MESSY PODCAST won for a 2nd year in a row. The duo are heard twice weekly on BTR! The Ottawa based publication's list of media winners includes:

Best Emcee: Sandy Sharkey Best Journalist: Stefan Keyes Best Podcast/Podcaster: The Interview Dudes Best Publisher/Publishing House: Broken Keys Publishing Best Radio Personality: Dylan Black Best Radio Station: Best Sports Broadcaster/Reporter: Lee Versage Best Talent Management Agency: Angie’s AMTI Best TV/Media Personality: Dylan Black Best Videographer: Tushar Kumar Best Sports Podcast: Dynes Sports Podcast Best Interview Podcast: Jesse & Jenna’s Messy Podcast Best Production Manager: Gabriel Proulx Best Animation Studio: Jam Filled Best Animator: Julian Obas Best Film Editor: Tushar Kumar Best Multimedia Specialist: Farhan Khan

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