Milkman’s BTRV For Mental Health Seeks Corporate Support

The RV has been offered for $3,000. Seeking corporate support!

The BTRV for mental health is now in my driveway! For the record, I do not own it. Yet. The amazing couple who DO own it love that I want to use it as a vehicle to promote, discuss, and bring awareness to mental health. I intend to do that by traveling and talking to broadcasters about their mental health experiences. We’ll be live on BTR (since we can be live from anywhere!) and we’ll create podcasts and a book as well, with proceeds going to mental health causes I know and trust.

I have spent the past two weeks cleaning this vehicle up as it was damaged by vandals. Every inch is now spotless and ready for its new life!

Mechanically it will be looked at, and any necessary repairs will be done by one of my local (Ottawa) radio show sponsors

In order to put this plan into action I first need to find the funds to purchase this. The asking price, and my goal is to raise $3,000. That’s all. An incredibly generous gesture on the part of the current owner.

I am looking for corporate sponsors who would be willing to donate in exchange for their logo being added to the BTRV. I am asking for individual donations, and your name will be added to a donor banner displayed on it.

I am looking for clients who want to use it as a very unique space to record podcasts. 50% of my fee will be put towards this purchase.

And I want to book live on location broadcasts for this spring; with a portion of the ad campaign going to this purchase.

We are radio heard everywhere, and we can now broadcast FROM anywhere.

I have already received invitations to make tour stops at radio stations in NB and NS and I can’t wait to visit, and add each station’s bumper sticker to the back!

Want to be part of my vision?