Morning Show Host - Owen Sound ON

Morning Show Host Country 93 Owen Sound, ON (FT)

Country 93, a heritage country station with a loyal, dedicated audience, is looking for someone really special to join our morning show. You’d be teaming up with an established co-host to build a new morning brand – a couple of entertaining, fun, relatable characters for our listeners to start each day with.

We're sure you have questions, so let's answer a few of them...

What are you looking for?

Simple. We want a fun, story-telling communicator. Someone who lives an exciting life and shares it on the radio.  

Is that all you want?

Oh no. We want someone who wants to be part of the community – and is willing to get out into that community A LOT to spread the word about the Country 93 brand.

Is that all you’re looking for?

No, we still want more. We’re looking for someone who has on–air experience – not necessarily in mornings, but morning experience would give you a leg up. Production skills would be an asset, too!

So, what’s in it for me?

You get to work in a gorgeous part of Ontario, in a city that is filled with lots of interesting things. It has that small-town charm with many big city amenities - you're far enough from the GTA to feel free of the bustle and grind, but close enough for a day trip if that's up your alley. Owen Sound is home to some amazing restaurants, a scenic harbour and bay, several beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails, and plenty of historical sites and buildings.

Don’t you guys get a lot of snow in the winter?

We have such beautiful summers here; it's truly a dream destination in the summer.

Hey, you’re dodging the question – don’t you get a lot of snow? In the winter?

Did I mention how picturesque our harbour is? Being there when the sun is setting is a sight to behold!

Hellllooooo? Snow?

Okay, okay. Yes, we get a bit of snow in the winter. But you know what? It's part of the fun - we love it. Blue Mountain is right next door. Plenty of skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and lots of fun events all over our region throughout the winter take the edge off.

Ok, so I get it, Owen Sound is nice – but what’s in it for me when it comes to the job?

Well, we’d pay you. Plus, we have a great benefits package. And the opportunity to be part of a fun team of cool people making great radio. Country radio is supposed to be fun, so come and have some fun with us.

That all sounds pretty good – how do I apply?

Just send your demo to Shawn Turner, Brand Manager, at

Wait, I have more questions!

Include that question in your cover letter – and we’ll be sure to answer it!

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