Morning Show Host / Program Director - Leduc AB



Required Skills Include

• Relatable to “Adult” Target Audience

• Strong Knowledge of Country Music

• Belief in Local Radio and Community Involvement

• Friendly, Outgoing Personality who Likes to Interact with the Audience

• Preferably 2 Years Previous Experience as Music Director and/or Program Director

• Experience with Music Master for Windows

Duties Include

• Ensure compliance with CRTC regulations (Canadian Content, Loggers, etc).

• Schedule On-Air Staff for regular shifts, sick and vacation relief, remotes, etc.

• Work with talent to ensure format is followed and shows are well-prepped and on target.

• Work with Senior Management to establish station format and programming policies.

• Represent the company at various community and/or business meetings as necessary.

• Host the Morning Show weekdays from 6am to 10am.

• Voice commercials as necessary.

• Host commercial remotes and public appearances as necessary.

Interested?  Submit your resume and audio ASAP to

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