Mornings - Central Ontario


Central Ontario

Are you looking to get away from the grind of the city?

Or maybe you’re far from home and you want to come back a bit closer to the GTA?

We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you in the most beautiful part of the province.

Are you getting kind of fed up with all the job ads these days talk about wanting to do “local” radio? If so, get lost, because that’s exactly what we want to do too. It’s the way to win in markets like ours. The music is important, the contests are important, the marketing is important, but it all starts with local.

Here’s what we’re looking from you:

- A few years of experience in mornings (or a strong passion to move into mornings)

- A desire to plant some roots and make your next stop one that lasts

- A willingness to get out into the community and make some real connections with people

- A little bit of crazy is good (aren’t we all?)

- A history of playing well with your co-workers (this building is positive-vibes-only)

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

- A dynamite co-host to spend every morning with you

- The freedom to try new things, make some mistakes, and make your wild ideas come true

- A team of professionals that want to work with you to make and sell some damn good radio

- A home town that you’ll be proud to tell people you live and work in

- Money!

Interested? Apply today and find out more.