Mornings & PD – Southern Ontario

Ever notice how radio people always say that rock radio is a dying breed, and then most of them just keep doing the exact same thing they always have?

It’s time for a change. We’re not your dad’s rock station. We’re trying to do something new and different with the format, and our listeners love it.

All we need is one brave soul to help take us to the next level in mornings, and as a PD.

If you love creating content that is engaging, hilarious, and totally different than everything else out there… we want you. If you’ve got some bright ideas about how to interact with our listeners… especially right now when we can’t go to concerts… we want you. If you can figure out how to make some money from all of that… we really want you.

And if you just want to keep spinning the same old songs, playing the same old contests, with the same corny jokes from the same old prep site… there are like 50 other stations doing that in Canada and I’m sure one of them is hiring.

Qualifications: on-air experience is a must, management or programming experience is an asset. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

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