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Mornings – Southern Ontario

We LOVE Country music. So do our listeners. They love new country (Carrie), they love old country (Johnny), and they definitely love that “old” new country (Garth). We play it all, and we need someone who loves it as much as our listeners do.

Look, good radio is good radio is good radio. But there is something a little different about country. If you LOVE this format and LOVE making fun radio in the morning, you need to send us your demo right now.

Blind box ads are weird, we know.

Here’s what we CAN tell you about the gig.

  • Our goal is FUN, LOCAL radio that makes a real connection with our fans

  • We’re in actual southern Ontario, not Kenora (sorry Kenora, we still love you)

  • We’re an award-winning country (duh) station serving a large regional audience

  • You’d be joining an established team of passionate radio people looking to kick serious radio ass

  • Music programming and scheduling could be part of the job if you have experience or interest in that

  • We’re not the same company that posted that other blind box ad (but they look like fun too and we’re sure they’re very nice people, even if they are from Kenora)

Don’t apply if:

  • Your goal is boring, prep site radio that could be heard on any station anywhere (even Kenora)

  • You really want to work in Kenora (sorry we’re seriously not there or anywhere near there)

  • You can’t name three Garth Brooks songs

  • You’re just looking for another notch on your career belt (our heart just can’t take that anymore – we’re looking to settle down, start a family, grow old together!)

  • You have any outstanding warrants for your arrest (unless they’re really cool warrants)

  • If we’re really ticking your boxes here (and did I mention loving country?), swipe right on us, baby. This is your dream job, and you’re our dream date.

  • p.s…. we’re actually in Kenora

  • p.p.s…. just kidding


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