Mornings – Southern Ontario

Alright, let’s get this out of the way: Covid. Covid 19. CoronaVirus (capital V!). Masks. Wash Your Hands. Covid. Coooooovid!

Ok, let’s take a break from Covid talk for a few minutes, and talk about radio for once.

We’re all about COUNTRY. It’s the kind of music that just makes you feel right these days. We love it so much so that we actually play country music all day long on our radio station! There’s one thing missing from our great sounding Ontario country station though…

More Covid coverage!

…Just kidding, it’s YOU!

We are in search of a morning host who wants to plant some roots in our fair city, let those roots grow, and talk about the result on the radio (in between a bunch of solid country tracks). Someone who will tell the tales of our audience, and let that listener become another member of the morning show.

Experience in mornings would be nice – but it’s not mandatory. However, being on the air at a real radio station at some point in your life would look good on your resume. So, send us your resume, your demo, and a list of five things you like to do – just for fun – that you could talk about on the air!

We know it's an odd time to think about making a career move, but we also know that life goes on, whether Covid sticks around or not. If you're tired of hearing about "these uncertain times" and are ready to look to the future, we want to hear from you.

Oh, and remember: Wash your hands!

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