Multimedia Reporter - Fort St. John BC is Fort St. John's locally owned and operated community news website. We are excited to announce the expansion of our newsroom (that's something you don't hear these days). In just the last 12 months, we have more than doubled our newsroom staff and plan for even more growth in the next 12 months.

With our growth, this is a new position that will see us add video news coverage to our website and social media.

Our company owns both and the local radio station Moose FM. We are one of only a handful of independently owned and operated media companies left in Canada and are located in a young and vibrant community in Northeast B.C.

Join our team and help us cover the news that matters to this region. This position is a one-year term that will start on the day you start with the potential for renewal beyond the first year.

To fill this position we need you to be:

● Informed, interested, enthusiastic and engaged.

● You must be someone who can find the news and understand even the little stories deserve the same coverage as the big stories.

● Ability to generate, write, and deliver news stories, sports and weather focusing primarily on local and regional events and information.

● You need to be a great writer, who can summarize even the most difficult stories.

● You need to be able to work with social media and understand a WordPress website.

● You need to be great with a video camera or iPhone and help capture news video and edit it quickly.

● Knowledge of popular video editing software is a must.

● And you must understand that news doesn’t happen only between 9 and 5.

● You must be committed to charitable work and community involvement.

Job requirements:

● Write stories for our website and Moose FM.

● Research and post at least three stories a day.

● You will be expected to take at least one written story a day and make it into a video report that will be shared on our social media and website.

● Basic knowledge in video use and editing, such as Adobe Premiere.

● Fill in as needed in other areas of the news department.

● Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

The deadline to apply was yesterday, so send your resume, and writing samples to now.

Tre Lopushinsky

News Director

Moose FM/

Fort St. John, B.C.