Mysterious Kitsilano Beach Monolith Source... It's JACK

JACK FM PD Jeff Winksell tells MMU that to launch Drex on JACK with Lena and No Fun Bobby (Lena Shulman and Bob Addison), "we made a crappy monolith and buried it at Kitsilano Beach in the middle of the night."

"We let it percolate in the media for 48 hours before making the reveal today. One of our hopes were to source negative comments about the construction of the “monolith.”"

"It was made from automotive sheet metal, industrial tin foil, and HVAC tape. That was a total success and we now have promos running on JACK taking credit for the “art installation” along with voiced social media comments."

"Our brand is very self-deprecating so it was totally on point for what we hoped to accomplish. It was one of the most dumb, yet fun things I’ve ever done. We even had other morning shows talking about it... before they knew it was us, of course."

"Here’s a link to our page with some screen shots of the coverage and insta posts:"

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