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OFFICIAL! Ed The Sock Overnights On 94.9 The Rock

94.9 The Rock and Canadian icon Ed the Sock are reviving the classic overnight radio format with the All-Night Show!

And we mean ALL night - the show is live Wednesday to Sunday from midnight to 5AM and officially kicks off May 17 after a successful two-week trial-run electrifying the airwaves of Toronto. Who is Ed the Sock? You're kidding right? Ed has been a staple of Canadian media since going national on MuchMusic in 1994 and has continued to engage with Canadians on social media. And the show engages with the nighttime crowd through phone calls and texts all through the night.

You’re probably scratching your head saying what year is this, a live and local all-night show? Nobody does an all-night show anymore. Well, we do. 94.9 The Rock PD Doug Elliott says, “Radio has pretty much given up on the all-night shows, letting the juke box take over. We see this as a major opportunity to inject a strong personality in a daypart that has been ignored for years.”

Steve Macaulay, VP of Sales at Durham Radio “I had this idea that there’s a huge untapped market in Durham and the GTA of overnight shift workers, insomniacs and the like that just aren’t being serviced much by radio broadcasters anymore. And for radio to better compete with all the streaming audio options out there, I believe we need to go back to what radio can do best - provide companionship on a personal level, with a personality that is local and live, right in our communities. We’re providing a product that is unavailable elsewhere.”

From Ed himself, "I got my start on late-night TV and that's my 'hood. The subversive vibe of being awake while the city sleeps, sharing the night with the shift-workers, eccentrics and insomniacs - these are my people!"

Ed the Sock can be heard in Toronto on 94.9 The Rock and online at

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