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On Air Host - West Coast

A female targeted radio station on The West Coast is looking for a new host who can engage the demo and keep things moving on the show.

About You:

You’re bubbly

You’re fun

You observe the world around you and want to share your experiences

You find the absurdity (the funny) in any situation

Your opinion matters to you and you stand by it

You love having fun with callers on your show

Your online visibility is as important to you as your on air game

You shake hands and kiss babies when you’re at station events in the community

You’re sick of the snow and cold weather (we get about a week of snow per year, and it’s often 10 degrees in January)

About Us:

We care more about authentic experiences than who Justin Bieber had lunch with.

Bonus Points If You:

Can edit digital audio and/or video content

Have ever used Music Master scheduling software


We’re open to announcers who have a long track record in the business, as well as younger announcers on a mission to make their mark. If what you’ve read above sounds like you, please wave the flag, and let us know who you are.


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