PEC Homegrown Talent to ‘H.E.L.P.’ Raise Spirits and Awareness

H.E.L.P. – Homegrown Exciting Live Performances with Friends, is the new artist-meets-community initiative being implemented by 99.3 County FM, The Voice of the County, Prince Edward’s popular local volunteer driven non-profit community radio station.

Airing Friday nights at 10pm the one-hour “‘H.E.L.P.’ – Homegrown Exciting Live Performances with Friends” showcases a local artist’s original video concert distilled to 30+ minutes in audio format, followed by short musical clips of other artists coming up in future broadcasts.  ‘H.E.L.P.’, created by Ras Bingi, a long-time volunteer DJ with the station, evolved when Bingi realized that due to poor internet service in many areas of Prince Edward County, many potential audiences are unable to stream video concerts, and that many County musicians are stymied by internet challenges when hoping to share their musical offerings of support during the current pandemic and self-isolation.

Bingi approached the station’s management team and 99.3 County FM’s General Manager Craig Mills immediately expressed his enthusiasm, ‘I think it’s a very cool and unique concept that Ras has brought to life.  I really appreciate Ras’s awareness that not everyone can easily enjoy the fantastic live streaming concerts from our amazing County musicians. His idea to repackage the online shows and present them on-air gives all of us a chance to easily enjoy the performances.

Bingi, connected with many County and Quinte area artists of varying musical genres, will lead the project, and with the artist’s permission, convert their video concerts as originally broadcast from their home studios, or special venues, and repackage them into 99.3 County FM’s new H.E.L.P. show.  States Pat Larkin, Production/IT Manager & Host at CountyFM: “I’ll give him a hand but he’s got this, another great idea spinning out of this terrible health crisis.  Beloved singer/songwriter Bill Wood, kicked off the series April 24th and Friday May 1 is Greg Hinde, progressive rocker, performer and music teacher.”

Tune into 99.3 County FM - the Voice of the County, Friday nights at 10pm for Ras Bingi’s Homegrown Exciting Live Performances with Friends concerts (H.E.L.P.), to enjoy great local entertainers doing what they do best – entertain!

For further information, contact Craig Mills, GM, 99.3 County FM (613) 476-2229 or

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