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Radio Show To Go! New From MMU

It's an a-la-carte menu of radio shows all in one place! Now stations can build an entire on air staff, add one or two shows to their roster, find an entertaining weekend show or even a fill-in option as easily as you'd order lunch! makes your on air budget go farther, and provides an unlimited income opportunity!

If you produce a fully ready to go daily, weekly, or weekend show that can be delivered via Dropbox, Google Drive etc and easily uploaded to any radio station's on air system, and that fits easily into the roster on stations across North America, we want to help market you!

And the best part is... Stations deal with you directly! We don't even take a commission. To celebrate our launch, we're offering FREE six month postings to the first 10 shows to list with us! This helps us, help you!

It's YOUR show. It's always been YOUR show, and now you're in complete control with an opportunity to be heard on radio stations around the globe! Developed by longtime radio host and radio visionary, John "The Milkman" Mielke, who successfully moved his show from terrestrial radio to internet radio and now to numerous stations in the USA and Canada each day of the week!

We're set up and ready to add your show to


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