Rod & Jill’s 12 Hour Shift

Updated: Apr 29

Rod & Jill are doing a 12-Hour shift to Honour Frontline Workers!

Friday, May 1st from 6am-6pm, Rod & Jill in the Morning will do a 12-hour shift to honour the 12-hour shifts our Healthcare Heroes are doing every single day to keep us safe.

If you're a Healthcare worker, we want to hear your stories and do a 'Shout Out' to you, or if you have a Healthcare worker in your life that you would like to do a 'Shout Out'  to, you can by calling us on May 1st at 1-888-740-0105 or message us on FaceBook.

Rod & Jill's 12-Hour Shift to Honour Frontline Workers - Friday, May 1st from 6am - 6pm on Country 105

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