ROGERS Ottawa: WE DID IT!!! $500,000 raised for the Snowsuit Fund

Goosebumps!! That's what I have felt many times over the past 3 weeks as our entire cluster dedicated our airways to The Snowsuit Fund.

2020 was the year to PIVOT... instead of doing our usual Radiothon for the Snowsuit Fund, Rogers Radio stations in Ottawa launched the 10,000 Snowsuit Challenge.

Snowsuits cost $50

A challenge to raise 500,000 to purchase 10,000 snowsuits

It took 3 weeks... a whole lot of heart... the KiSS Trade Up... The Biggs and Barr Brew... 1 stolen RV... and we reached the goal.


This was a MASSIVE undertaking and every single person on staff helped. Some more than others (THANK YOU creative and production!!!) but everyone has finger prints on the 10,000 snowsuit challenge.

We almost melted down the Mobile Giving Fund's text machine a few times with the volume of listeners that you inspired to text SNOW to 45678.

It wouldn't be radio if we weren't having FUN... so on the final week of the campaign, The Biggs and Barr Show "stole" an RV and went Winnebegging. Broadcasting from the RV for 3 days until the 10,000 goal was hit.

The amazing team at KiSS also had so much fun... Ryan drank egg nog, Robbin ate fruitcake... Jonny is going to do a polar bear dip to celebrate and Sandra is going to throw 64 snowballs at Chris tomorrow to celebrate. And extra special shout out to Robbin and Ryan who also donated $5,050 to The Snowsuit Fund with their KiSS 105.3's Trade Up.

What's the KiSS Trade Up? A fun project that Robbin and Ryan created. They traded a pair of KiSS sunglasses into $7,500 to donate to charity. Check out that journey here. An incredible accomplishment on it's own!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for being so damn fun to work with!!!

Lets go even bigger in 2021 Amanda B Young

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