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Producer / Technical Producer (Contract)

Updated: Jan 12



Reporting to the director, talk programming

Job Summary

The Show Producer is responsible for performing a range of activities as in the production and creation of radio programs, features, updates, special events and live broadcasts, as well as contributing to the scheduling, coordination and development of each program.

The Technical Producer is responsible for operating audio for all radio programs, both live and recorded, in accordance with the established department mandate, as well as performing all technical duties as required including editing, archiving, recording, feeding audio and ensuring sound quality.

Job Details


· Producing Talk Radio Programming:

o Plan, organize and coordinate production of radio programs

o Determine treatment, scope and scheduling of production, including recording and assembling content

o Coordinate chasing, scheduling and hosting available guests related both in-studio and remote

o Interact with audience via social media, blogs and website updates as well as all post-show follow up, including On Demand.

o Conduct research for programs; assist in determining required coverage

o Select and introduce material for broadcast; conduct updates for channel(s)

o Cultivate and maintain regular contact with newsworthy individuals; stay current via relevant industry sources

o Work professionally with hosts, technical producers, guests and co-workers in all other aspects of the broadcast day.

· Participate in meetings; prepare status updates as required

· Contribute to writing and editing texts and scripts for broadcast; assist with special features and conduct necessary research as required

· Upon request of Director, Talk Programming, represent SiriusXM in various media outlets across North America via appearances on television; on websites; in magazines; and in social media

· As assigned, attend news conferences and events on behalf of SiriusXM

· Perform other duties as assigned, including writing and producing feature material and daily updates; website updates; social media participation; and field reporting

· Audio quality:

o Monitor quality of live and taped audio with respect to radio programs in accordance with established procedures and scheduling

Equipment operation:

o Operate broadcast studio equipment used to record live and taped radio programs, from SiriusXM studio or home studio

o Operate consoles to pick up feed sources from different locations

o Set up, prepare, operate and adjust audio to record, edit and reproduce sound input or feed of pre-recorded material and input from live microphones or satellites for radio programs and recordings

o Set up and test microphones used by hosts, announcers and guests during broadcasts

· Respond to malfunctions in accordance with procedure

· Coordinate, activate and oversee internet, On Demand, MYSXM and any developing technologies as required.

· Notify broadcast operations personnel of need for equipment repair or other technical difficulties as required

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Level of Education

· Completion of a college radio or television arts program

Job Related Experience

· 3-5 years’ relevant experience

· Demonstrated talent and ability in previous live radio hosting assignments

Skills and Background

· Ability to operate audio equipment used for live radio programs and broadcasts an asset


This position requires normal tact and diplomacy when interacting with colleagues, guests and others to complete work activities, as well as the ability to listen attentively and demonstrate sensitivity towards the concerns or interests of others conveying information. Solid written and verbal skills are required to effectively respond to inquiries.

SiriusXM Canada is committed to equity in employment and programming.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to strengthen and promote health protection within SiriusXM Canada, employment is conditional upon the ability to provide authorized proof of full COVID-19 vaccination status, at least 14 days prior to starting employment with SiriusXM Canada. SiriusXM Canada acknowledges its obligations under the applicable human rights legislation and will comply with its duty to accommodate in appropriate cases.

If you’re interested in this position please send your resume to

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