Steve Hatherly (TBS South Korea) Joins BTR Lineup was launched in late 2014 by well known Canadian radio host, John Mielke (The Milkman) after the station he had been at for 23 years changed format and he was let go.

Initially intended as a place to continue his show until he found his next opportunity, the internet only station quickly attracted an audience, winning Fans Choice Awards, being voted BEST RADIO station three times at two different competitions and with Mielke being named favourite media personality.

Today BTR has become an outlet for other broadcasters who find themselves in a similar situation to have a home with hosts from across Canada and around the world contributing! And, with technology advancing so quickly, BTR is evolving into a true modern, multi-media, streaming outlet with hosts now having the option to broadcast on the existing radio stream, but also on outlets such as Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitter Live and more!

It’s the use of these video based platforms that has inspired to begin a re-branding as, which keeps the “R” for “radio,” which is our foundation, but also acknowledges that We’re Beyond The Radio (WBTR).

Hosts can, and do, make their content available on their own channels as well, including podcast networks. And, with BTR’s established live stream, listeners around the world can hear the content in their cars via the free app and on TuneIn Radio, as well as on the Google and Amazon smart speakers (command is “Play Blast The Radio”) as well as on the station’s website.

Today, WBTR announced the addition of Storytime With Steve Hatherly to its lineup. Much like Mielke's launch of BTR, Storytime is Steve's new venture, continuing to speak with compelling guests from the world of music and beyond and deliver their stories but via podcast and video streaming. Recent episodes of Storytime include conversations with Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, Tome DeLong (Blink 182 / Angels And Airwaves). A Canadian who has hosted an incredibly successful radio show in Seoul South Korea for several years, Hatherly, coincidentally, is the brother of Mielke’s youngest brother’s wife. So this new addition is very much a family affair and truly underscores how revolutionary BTR is, being able to bring broadcasters from around the world together seamlessly in one place.

Storytime show time will be announced shortly as we venture to schedule it so that his audience in Seoul and his new audience in North America can enjoy it together! Today's announcement from The Milkman Show:

For more information, contact John Mielke at

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