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Stitcher To End Operations

Dear Stitcher Content Creators,


We have decided to discontinue operation of the Stitcher app and website effective August 29, 2023. This includes our Stitcher Premium service. Your podcast will continue to be distributed on other platforms that are supported by Creator Connect.


We thank you for giving us the opportunity over the last decade to offer the best possible podcast listening experience. Stitcher, and the podcast ecosystem as a whole, would not be where it is today without creators and networks like yours. We truly appreciate that you chose to distribute your shows on our platform. 


We realize this may be a significant change in how you distribute and market your podcast. To help with this transition, we have created some suggestions on how best to retain your Stitcher listener audience. Please see those below.


Keep making great shows!


~ The Stitcher Team

What does this mean for me?

After August 29, 2023, listeners will no longer be able to access your show on the Stitcher app. Most Stitcher website pages will be redirected to our sister app, Pandora. No new listener data (after August 29) will populate via Creator Connect or other hosting services.

What does this mean for my listeners?

On August 29, 2023, the app may be opened, but listeners will no longer be able to access their show lists, downloads, preferences or listening history. The app will not be available to download from the app stores. Most show pages on the website will be redirected to our sister app, Pandora.

We highly encourage you to use your platforms - via your podcast and any other way you communicate with your listeners - to let them know of this change. Including a message in upcoming episodes is likely the best way to do this. Be sure to do it near the start of an episode, but a reminder at the end is never a bad idea, either. You may also want to include it, temporarily, in your show description or episode notes. Other examples include dedicated social media posts and newsletter updates.

If you use the “Listen on Stitcher” badge or other Stitcher logos/branding on your website or other locations, it should be removed. Any content that links directly to Stitcher should be updated as well.

Listeners will be able to download their show list and re-upload it into other apps (excluding Spotify and Apple - though they can manually follow shows in those apps). You can let them know that the instructions to do this are located in the FAQs linked from our website,

For more information, please visit our FAQ page here.

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