Sue Tyler Adds Twitch To Her Brand

From Don Kollins @ DK Media:

I have been waiting a loooong time and am very excited to introduce you to Sue Tyler from the Kelowna/Vancouver, Canada area. Sue and I have talked for six months about Twitch. She is a radio star with immense talent and even more potential. She sees Twitch as an extension to her brand - much like Facebook and Twitter were when they launched. The long form community that Twitch delivers with live interaction means Sue can expand in several different directions, most of all helping her radio company grow their audience with expanded calls, conversations, live polls and more. It's exciting times for talent and I welcome Sue to the platform. BTW - Radio PD's....If your talent comes to you with a request to add Twitch to their shows, hear them out. They will likely make you look really good. Twitch Channel Link

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