Talent Test Tuesdays With MMU & BTR

Because at MMU we believe in CANADIAN talent.

Because at MMU we believe in YOU.

Because I have a radio industry audience and an online radio audience.

I want to keep finding ways to support YOU and to help you advance your career.

Beginning NEXT Tuesday I’m starting a new feature called Talent Tuesday.

Think of it as kind of a radio Survivor.... You and one other out of work broadcaster will meet for the first time (assumably) on my live show via Zoom. It will stream live on Twitch.tv and BlastTheRadio.com

I’ll QB the session, but for an hour you will showcase your on air abilities for all to see and hear! And you’ll be given a copy of the video to add to your resume so you can show potential employers how adaptable and how on the spot creative you can be!

Live sessions will stream to Milkman UnLimited’s page as well!

Are you brave enough? Are ya???

Apply via email! milky@milkmanunlimited.com

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