Terry DiMonte & Ted Bird Launch STANDING BY Podcast

It's 3:45am and I can't sleep. Earlier in the day I had watched Humble & Fred live on Facebook as I do most mornings. Their guest that day had been legendary Montreal morning host Terry DiMonte... Recently retired from CHOM FM.

Terry had mentioned that he and former co-host Ted Bird had reunited on a podcast called STANDING BY. Perfect! I'll give that a listen while I try to get back to sleep. Suffice to say, sleep wasn't going to happen. Instead I was trying like hell to not burst out laughing, which would not only wake my whole house up, but the entire neighbourhood. And then they told the Justine Bateman story and I damn near died! DIED I SAID! (Episode 01 by the way... You're welcome!) If you love great radio stories told by great radio professionals, then STANDING BY is a must add to your fav's!


You can thank me later. Milky