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The Stingray Podcast Network launches The HOT TUB Podcast

Wednesday, April 5th - The Stingray Podcast Network is proud to announce the launch of The Hot Tub Podcast. The Morning Hot Tub at The New Hot 89.9 has been the #1 rated morning show in Ottawa radio for an incredible 15 years.

The team at Stingray Ottawa is ecstatic to bring their renowned morning show to a whole new audience, while becoming more accessible for current Morning Hot Tub Listeners.

Josie Fenech, Program Director at The New Hot 89.9 said “The Morning Hot Tub with Mauler, Rush, Jenni & Brady consists of four very different people with incredible chemistry and a unique ability to talk, totally unscripted, for hours on end.

You never know where the conversation will go, but it is consistently ridiculous and entertaining and often ends in uncontrollable laughter.”

Mauler, Rush, Jenni & Brady were asked for a quote for the press release about The Hot Tub Podcast. All 4 of them, in unison, lined up side by side, said: “We are thrilled to be sharing our show in this new and exciting way!” They also asked if there was tons of extra work involved in doing this podcast and when they were told ‘No!’ they immediately got on board.

We are excited to announce the first episode of The Hot Tub Podcast is currently live at as well as wherever you get your podcasts.

About Stingray

Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B), a global music, media, and technology company, is an industry leader in TV broadcasting, streaming, radio, business services, and advertising. Stingray provides an array of music, digital, and advertising services to enterprise brands worldwide, including audio and video channels, over 100 radio stations, subscription video-on-demand content, FAST channels, karaoke products and music apps, and in-car and on-board infotainment content. Stingray Business, a division of Stingray, provides commercial solutions in music, in-store advertising solutions, digital signage, and AI-driven consumer insights and feedback. Stingray Advertising is North America's largest retail audio advertising network, delivering digital audio messaging to more than 20,000 major retail locations. Stingray has over 1000 employees worldwide and reaches 540 million consumers in 160 countries. For more information, visit

For more information please contact:

Devin McNeil

Stingray Podcast Network Team Lead Stingray

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