Tunog Pinoy (Sound of the Philippines) Montreal Filipino Community’s New Program On CFMB 1280

Montreal, August 30, 2022 - CFMB 1280 Multilingual radio, today announced the

launch of a new program directed to the city and surrounding area’s Filipino


Starting September 1st, and airing at 8pm-9pm,Tunog Pinoy (Sound of

The Philippines) is designed and produced to inform and entertain Filipino listeners

with news,information,and music.

Upbeat and current, the program is hosted by veteran Filipino broadcasters Chester &

Donna. The program will be conducted primarily in Tagalog. The new radio program will complement the plethora of Filipino community and advocacy organizations long established in the area.

According to a 2016 Quebec census, there are 44,000 Filipinos living in Montreal. The 2021 Census, when published, will undoubtedly reveal an increase as Filipino is one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the country. It is a younger community compared to the Quebec median averages. Filipino Canadians are a relatively recent immigrant group with the majority immigrating after the 2000s. Montreal has the sixth largest Filipino community in Canada which is concentrated in the Snowdon neighbourhood and around Décarie Expressway. Both these areas have many Filipino establishments and professional offices to evidence the community demand for its own infrastructures and reflection of its heritage and culture.

Lui Valente, CFMB 1280 Station Manager said: “We are pleased to introduce this program to the many Filipinos living in our great city. The community, which is young, vibrant, and established, will now be served by broadcasting. The program will become a vehicle for the business, social and government sectors to reach listeners daily.”

CFMB 1280 is Canada’s first ethnic radio station, established over 50 years ago, broadcasting in 16 different languages to serve Montreal’s diverse population. Filipino programming is one of the company’s mainstays.

The most Filipino programmed ethnic station in the country is Evanov’s Winnipeg station CKJS-FM.

Evanov Communications is an independent Canadian broadcasting company that operates 16 stations in a variety of markets.

A list of stations and locations are found atwww.evanov.ca

Media Contact:

Luigi Valente, Directeur/Station Manager

(514) 483-2362 ext: 102


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