Twitch Launches Sports Category

As our community knows, Twitch is where millions of people from around the world come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together. Recently, we’ve seen tremendous growth in one of the areas with the most passionate fan bases of them all - sports. So today, we’re excited to introduce “Sports” as its own, standalone category and relaunch the /twitchsports channel to better align with the programming you will now see featured.

To kick things off, we are collaborating with four of the world's biggest and most innovative soccer clubs. Real Madrid and Arsenal have recently started broadcasting on their newly-established Twitch channels, and they will soon be followed by Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. Each of the clubs will be producing exclusive, interactive content and experiences to bring their global fanbases closer to these iconic organizations and their athletes. 

These top clubs will join a growing roster of leagues on Twitch including the NBA, NHL, NWSL, RFL, and UFC - which will be your favorite channel to watch? We also have top athletes streaming, whether it’s Los Angeles Chargers' Austin Ekeler, F1 talent Lando Norris, or WWE Superstars Rusev, Paige, and Cesaro, there’s truly something for every sports fan. 

To celebrate, today we will be showcasing a long block of live and interactive sports related content with the entire Twitch community. Hosted by Major League Soccer star Jimmy Conrad, the NBA, Arsenal, House of Highlights, and the UFC will each use their two-hour time slot to take audiences behind the curtains to make their fans part of the content with live AMAs, polls, trivia and conversation between the hosts and Twitch Chat. So stop on by and tell us what you think!

From Don Kollins Media;

We are thrilled to be a strong contributor to the Sports Category on day 1. Watch for Sports Talk from Tony Bruno, Seth Everett, Dan Sileo, Jason Page, Josh Innes, and Eytan Shander throughout the day.


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