Vista Launches 100.1 True North FM

YELLOWKNIFE, NWT - Last year, CJCD celebrated its 40th year serving Yellowknife over the air. In recent years, that service has extended to the web through Whenever you have a chance to wax nostalgic, you think about the journey. It was during that reflection we had a realization, that maybe we had gotten away from what CJCD was intended to be.

We realized this was wrong. And when you’re wrong…you need to admit it. So, we asked you.

Over the past 12 months, we have worked hard to consult with all our stakeholders, including listeners, clients, and community organizations. We needed to find out “what was missing?” What did we need to do more of…or less of? After all, this isn’t about us…it’s about NWT.

We learned that we needed to focus more on being a true voice for the area, a true representation of the territory, and a true reflection of the people who call the North home. This is why we have introduced True North FM.

With this new identity we are re-committing ourselves to what we know your local media source needs to be. True North FM on the air, online and on the street will be a stronger independent news voice. We will be more representative of the culture of the area, sharing real stories about the people who are the fabric of this territory. We will be a stronger influence to assist our community’s needs. And we will be true to the people of NWT.

We invite you to join us on this new path that is a familiar one. We invite you to be part of what we love doing… serving smaller communities with big goals and even bigger hearts.

Beginning Friday, Dec. 4th at 6am, we invite you to listen to 100.1 True North FM.

And then…we want the dialogue to continue.Contact us with ideas, concerns, questions and anything NWT at

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