Voice Tracker Of The Year Award

Voice Tracker of the Year is Back!

2020 has been quite a year for Voice Tracking. With stations right across the world embracing remote-working, voice tracking has enabled many to stay on-air in difficult circumstances, continuing to provide news and entertainment to audiences. Now, Voicetracker Hub​ wants to celebrate the true masters of Voice Tracking!

Anyone who has voice-tracked a show in the last 12 months can enter for the chance to win a prize of $500 USD.

Radio Consultant and Author David Lloyd​ is presiding over this year’s entries and the fully voice-tracked station he's been part of for five years - ​Serenade Radio​ - has just graduated to DAB. David said ​“There’s now a new key skill in radio: mastering voice tracking. There’s doing it – and there’s doing it well. Those who proudly boast about not being able to VT shows puzzle me. Let’s instead admire and respect those who excel.”

Last year's winner, Canada-based ​Melanie Martin​ from stations including ​101.1 Big FM ​in Ontario, is delighted to be on the judging panel for the 2020 award. She said: ​"Winning this award last year meant the world to me, especially given I had completely shifted focus in my career towards Voice Tracking!"​.

RCS​ is once again supporting the award and their ​UK Managing Director Jon Earley​ said “In what has been the busiest year yet for Zetta2GO, I can’t wait to see what people have achieved using remote setups.”

Entries are ​open now​ and you do not need to be a member of Voicetracker Hub to take part. You can enter for free via ​voicetrackerhub.com/award​ until the end of September.


Announcement Video: ​https://vimeo.com/446396181

For info more contact:

Paul Hayes // ​paul.hayes@voicetrackerhub.com

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